Why Solar Hot Water?

June 18, 2014

Thinking of investing in solar hot water in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland? Here’s why you should.

Solar hot water: benefits and why you should invest in it

With winter well and truly here, a lot of people have been asking us about the benefits of investing in solar hot water in their Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland homes and businesses. Some have even raised concerns about the price and involvement needed with installing solar hot water and have asked, “Is the investment really worth it?”

There are numerous advantages to adding solar hot water to your home or business that far outweigh any associated costs.

With solar hot water you can:

  • Save money on rising electricity costs
  • Spend less money required to heat water
  • Help save the environment and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Use the free, natural energy from the Queensland sun

Installing a solar hot water system is so much simpler than you think

We do everything for you. We mount solar collectors on your roof, the collectors generate heat that in turn heats the water the flows through the pipes beneath the surface. It’s then stored for future use in an insulated tank – we install electric or gas boosters to ensure that your home or business will still benefit from solar hot water during those not-so-sunny days.

We use the best solar hot water equipment

We use world-class solar hot water systems by renowned solar specialist, Rheem. Rheem has been manufacturing in Australia since 1937 and has since evolved into a household name in solar. They use stainless steel roof systems that act as a natural barrier to corrosion and are designed to require less maintenance. Rheem also has a number of quality, high performance solar hot water collectors.

Have a question about solar hot water?

We live and breathe solar because we believe it can save the environment while also helping homes and businesses reduce their ongoing (and increasing!) energy costs. If you’d like to find out more about solar hot water for your Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland home or business, contact Apollo Solar today!