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Are you in the market for solar panels? Want to slash your energy costs and make your property more eco-friendly? If so, be sure to call the talented technicians at Apollo Solar.

We will make sure you receive the perfect solar panel system for your needs and budget. On and off grid options are available, as are revolutionary hybrid systems. What’s more—to ensure you get the best energy benefits from your solar panels, we can provide ongoing solar health checks.

To discover how our solar technicians can best meet your needs, drop us a line today. We service all over Queensland and New South Wales, including Brisbane, Townsville, Forster Hervey Bay and surrounding areas. We are happy to take on jobs for residential and commercial clients.

Solar Services Brisbane

Solar Panels

We will make sure you receive the best solar panels for your needs and budget. Our solar panel installers bring decades of industry experience to every job they take on.

Grid Connected Solar

At Apollo Solar, we offer grid connected solar panels all over Queensland. These will enable you to draw power from the sun during the day and pull from the grid at night.

Off-Grid Systems

Are you looking to go off grid so you can become completely energy independent? Give us a call today! Our expert team will provide the perfect stand-alone solution.

Hybrid Systems

The hybrid solar systems we offer will enable you to store excess energy, reduce power consumption and gain access to a backup supply of power.

Battery Storage

The best solar system will have a battery storage system—allowing energy captured during the day to be utilised at night and on low-generating days. We offer advanced battery storage systems.

Solar Health Check

Our solar technicians carry out thorough health assessment for all solar systems. These checks will ensure your panels are functioning safely and at peak performance.

Our Solar Projects in Brisbane

Some of our recently completed commercial solar projects in Brisbane and surrounds.

Calvary Christian College


Bayer Smash Repair


Brisbane Spa Super Centre


Eastern Australia Agriculture


Australian Flag Makers


Australian Boating Supplies


HCL Manufacturers


Cabinet House


At Apollo Solar, we offer flexible finance options for our solar installation services.

Our business works with several third-party financing companies including Brighte, Zip Money and Humm. We will take into consideration your unique budget parameters and help you find the best method to spread your solar payments out over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Yes, solar panels generate energy using radiation. (photons of light). While more photons get emitted on sunny days. The panels will continue to generate energy even on cloudy days.

Are solar PV and solar thermal the same thing?

No. While both technologies are beneficial for reducing carbon emissions. They do it in different ways. Solar PV (Photovoltaic panels) generate DC electricity. While solar thermal is a much simpler technology that uses energy from the sun to heat water.

Is solar a clean energy source?

Yes, solar is one of the cleanest energy sources on the planet. The sun provides an infinite source of energy that generates power without releasing any greenhouse gases.

What grants are available for solar power?

You may be eligible for Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These pay a variable amount for the energy your system generates. But the value of STCs decreases over time. So the sooner you act the more you will get.


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