We Provide Solar Panel Financing in Brisbane

Convenient, Flexible Payment Options

When it comes to investing in solar panels, the price of installation is typically the factor that holds people back.

The good news is, we at Apollo Solar offer a range of convenient finance options—enabling you to spread your payment out over a preferred time period. We offer finance options for clients in Brisbane, Townsville and surrounding areas.

Although the initial price of installation may seem daunting, it’s important to keep in mind the awesome savings you can make with solar panels. Whether you want to go completely off grid, or sell excess energy back to the grid by staying connected, we’ll ensure you receive the best finance option. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we take on jobs for commercial as well as residential clients.

Contact Apollo Solar today. You can reach our Townsville office on (07) 4725 3888 and our Brisbane office on (07) 3177 3385.

Third-Party Financing Options

At Apollo Solar, we work with several third-party financing providers to help you pay your preferred way including:

This responsible lending company can provide loans up to $30k—with 0% interest & competitive fortnightly payments spread out over six months to five years.

This innovative & attentive business offer seamless payment solutions—giving you flexibility most banks don’t allow.

This option offers a variety of options for repayments. Their ‘little things’ option applies for purchases up to $2,000—enabling you to repay in five fortnightly or 10 weekly slices. Their ‘big things’ permit you to repay over six, 12, 24 and even up to 60 months (so you can enjoy maximum flexibility).

To find out more, get in touch today. Our team will help you select the solution that best meets your needs and budget.