Solar Battery Storage Brisbane

We Provide Solar Battery Storage Systems in Brisbane & Townsville

Maximise Your Power

At Apollo Solar, we sell cutting-edge solar battery storage systems. These will enable you to capture and store the energy generated by your solar panels.

The power can then be distributed throughout your premises at night or when the weather is not favourable for gathering solar energy. Our solar technicians take on jobs throughout Brisbane, Townsville, Forster and surrounding areas.

When you choose Apollo Solar, you can count on receiving exemplary customer service from start to finish. Our technicians will recommend a single battery or multiple to ensure your kWh energy storage needs are met. For your convenience, we are also able to add our battery storage devices to existing systems in order to upgrade their capacity.

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What are our Solar Battery Storage Benefits?

The following are just a few reasons why Apollo Solar is the clear choice when it comes to battery storage systems in Queensland:

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Solar Battery Systems

Function Of Solar Battery Systems

When you have solar panels installed on your roof, the excess energy you produce is sent to the grid. 

If you have a shortfall, you’ll import energy from the grid to meet your needs. With a solar battery system from Apollo Solar, the excess energy you don’t use first goes into charging your battery before it’s sent to the electricity grid. The battery then reserves energy to be used whenever your needs exceed the energy levels produced by your solar panels, thus reducing your reliance on the grid.

There are many battery products available on the market, with varying levels of performance and function.

There are great benefits to complementing your solar panels with an Apollo Solar battery. Our battery systems can maximise your energy savings, as they limit the amount of reliance you’ll have on the grid. While you still might use the grid for heavy load appliances used at the same time, or after consecutive cloudy days, these are rare occurrences with a solar battery system.

With a solar battery, you won’t need to worry about limiting your electricity usage, though it does pay to be strategic. We recommend heavier energy use for daylight hours to prevent depletion of your batteries overnight, and to extend their life. If you’re interested in pairing your panels with an energy-efficient, cost-saving battery, get in touch with Apollo Solar today.

Solar Battery FAQs

Can a solar battery provide all my energy needs at night?

This is an important consideration for off-grid systems. Our experts will look at your total energy consumption to design a system that is capable of storing enough energy for your needs.

What is the lifespan of a solar battery?

Battery lifespan is conditional on the number of charge/discharge cycles. Most manufacturers provide a warranty of up to 10,000 cycles. For the average home, this equates to around 10-15 years of use.

Can I still use my solar batteries in a power cut?

We can design a system that ensures power is still available during a power cut. This can be an Emergency Power Supply (EPS), to power a limited number of circuits. Or, enough power for the entire home for a limited period.

Can I add a battery to an existing solar installation?

Yes, we can retrofit a battery to any existing solar PV installation. Battery systems are available for both off-grid and grid-connected systems. Our specialist team will design a system to match your energy consumption and provide backup power if necessary.