We Offer Grid Connected Solar Panels in Brisbane

Turn Your Energy into Extra Cash

If you want to enjoy the benefits of solar power while remaining connected to your energy grid, don’t hesitate to contact Apollo Solar.

Utilising only the best tier one solar technology, our professionals install advanced systems for homes and businesses. We travel throughout Brisbane, Townsville and surrounding areas.

The grid-connected solar systems we offer include a standard solar inverter with panels but no battery. They will enable you to readily consume the solar energy you need during the day and then pull from the grid after hours (or when the weather prevents the best solar energy results). Best of all, our grid connected systems give you the option to sell excess energy back to the grid, enabling you to subsidise your energy bills each month.

If you’d like to combine the reliability of the grid with the economic and environmental benefits of solar power, contact us today. We also offer off-grid and hybrid solar systems.

New Buildings With Solar Panels — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

How Our Systems Work

Our grid connected solar systems work via the following process:

The systems we offer come with a meter, which accurately records the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels. This is helpful for indicating whether or not your system is functioning at peak performance. Rest assured, our technicians will assess the condition of your roof and any other factors that may prevent you from getting the most out of your system. For your convenience, we can even offer regular solar health checks.