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Why spend a fortune on your power bills when you can tap into the power of Aussie sunshine? At Apollo Solar, we install cutting-edge solar panel systems for homes and businesses.

In addition to helping you slash energy costs, our panels will help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your property. Our technicians install solar panels in Brisbane, Townsville and surrounding areas.

Whether you want to sell solar energy back to the grid your property is connected to, or disconnect to become completely energy independent, we have the perfect panel solution. We also install revolutionary hybrid systems—allowing you to effortlessly store the energy you need so it can be used at any time. When you choose Apollo Solar, you can count on receiving outstanding value for money.

If you’d like to arrange a solar panel installation with our skilled technicians, get in touch today. We will ensure you benefit from more than a decade’s worth of industry experience.

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Why Choose Apollo Solar?

The following are just a few reasons why Apollo Solar is the clear choice when it comes to solar panels in Queensland:

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, or request a competitive quote, contact our team today. You can reach our Townsville office on (07) 4725 3888 and our Brisbane office on (07) 3177 3385.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, brackets are available to tilt the panels towards the sun. Installing solar panels this way is often easier than on traditional slanted roofs because access is easier.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere so the panels should be north facing. If this is not possible, west-facing panels are the next best solution but they can be up to 15% less efficient.

Installations that are not street-facing should not need planning permission. Street facing installations and those on heritage buildings may need planning permission. But you should always check with your local council first.

It’s not about how many panels you need, rather it is how much energy you need to generate.

For example, you may need a 6.6kW system to power your home. This could consist of 20x330W panels or 24x275W panels. Either way, they both result in 6.6kW of energy.