Electric Cars Moving to Solar Power

November 13, 2014
Electric Car — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

Breaking news in the solar industry: electric car drivers are making the switch to solar power!

The way it works is this: electric car users can use left over solar energy gathered from their home’s roof to charge the car (which costs a small fee that is paid back when power is sent to the grid). The only petrol that needs to be used is to top up the car if the solar power runs out over long distances.

Solar powered cars are definitely proving that they’re worth their while, with people finding that instead of spending over $250 on petrol a month, using solar reduces this cost to an average of just $50 a month.

It has also been found that using the car on the home’s solar will cut the solar investment break-even point from an average of 11 years to an average of 6 years. Amazing!

This is great news for consumers, so what does it mean for the solar industry?

We are seeing solar being used in more industries and more products every day, making solar an even more prominent, feasible, and affordable choice of energy. We’ve already talked about how important solar is to homes, however seeing it expand to transportation is a huge step and means the industry is only going to continue to grow.

The Apollo Solar team is looking forward to seeing more solar powered cars in Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland one day!

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