Apollo Solar’s Brisbane Branch Has Now Been Happily Providing Solar Power and Hot Water Systems to Homes and Businesses for One Year

May 9, 2014

It’s the Brisbane team’s first birthday!

It’s official – Apollo Solar’s Brisbane branch has now been happily providing solar power and hot water systems to homes and businesses for over one year now. Throughout this time, we’ve helped countless establishments gain efficient, cleaner energy. We love what we do, so we make sure we handpick the best in the business and install the right solar products for your needs.

The future is only looking brighter for the Brisbane branch. We can’t wait to help even more establishments protect themselves from growing electricity prices with powerful solar.

Apollo Solar's Brisbane Team — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

Apollo solar’s Brisbane team – happily providing solar power and solar hot water systems in Brisbane for over one year

Apollo Solar as a Group as Sunny as Ever

As you may know, Apollo Solar also provides solar power and solar hot water to households and businesses in Townsville and the rest of Queensland. Although Apollo Solar’s Brisbane branch turned one, the company has been happily working to serve Aussies with solar power and solar hot water since 2010.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality solar services, hot water and other clean energy products to households for many years to come.

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