How Do Solar Battery Systems Work & Are They Worth It?

June 24, 2022

As the cost of living soars, more households are turning to solar energy to power their homes and lower their utility bills. If you are considering installing solar panels on your property, you have likely heard of solar battery systems

In this article, we’ll explain what solar battery systems are, how they work and consider whether they are worth it.

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What are solar battery systems?

Solar battery systems are used by homeowners to store the energy generated by their solar panels throughout the day. This power can then be used during the night, or on days when the sun’s rays aren’t as powerful.

By using a solar battery system alongside solar panels, homeowners are one step closer to energy self-sufficiency as they can prevent unused energy from going to waste by storing it for later use.

How do solar energy systems work?

There will be times when your solar panels generate electricity that you don’t need to use straight away, and this is where a solar energy system comes in. Solar energy essentially powers the battery, which then converts DC electricity into AC power for later use.

This means that once the sun goes down, you can continue drawing solar power from your system and avoid having to pay for energy from your supplier. As a result, your home will enjoy periods of complete energy self-sufficiency and you will get the most out of your solar panels.

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When do you need a solar battery system?

If you wish to take your property off-grid and become completely self-sufficient, you will need a solar battery system. For many households, however, a solar battery system simply provides a happy medium between paying a supplier for energy and utilising solar power.

Whilst some solar-powered properties may choose to sell their excess energy back to a supplier, you may find that the feed-in tariff is significantly lower than the price of electricity supply. In such circumstances, it makes economic sense to invest in a solar battery system and draw upon the excess energy generated by your solar panels.

Are solar battery systems worth it?

Whether you are looking to install solar panels onto your property, or are considering adding a solar battery to your existing system, you are likely wondering whether it is worth the investment. There are however numerous benefits to installing a solar battery system, including:

Make the most of your solar panels

With energy prices rising and feed-in tariffs dropping, a solar battery system enables you to make the most of the energy generated by your solar panels. Storing unused power in the battery means that you utilise 100% of the energy generated, making your investment worth every cent.

Power your home on renewable energy

End your reliance on energy suppliers and run your home on green energy when you invest in a solar battery system. Utilising solar power lowers your carbon footprint, with the Clean Energy Council citing solar panel installation as one of the key ways to reduce harmful emissions.

Lower your electricity bills

As previously mentioned, storing excess solar energy for later use limits the amount of power you then have to draw from your supplier. Whilst the exact amount you save depends on how much energy you typically use, the National Grid Support Service predicts that the average Australian household saves up to $3,200 per annum.

Prepare for future price rises

Solar batteries are easily retrofitted to existing systems

If you already have a solar PV system installed, a battery can be easily retrofitted at a later date. This is a simple process that optimises the power generated by your solar panels and provides your property with a renewable energy source, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Make money from your excess power

Selling excess power back to your electricity supplier is a great way to earn back the money you invested in your solar power system. A solar battery enables you to store additional power, which you may not need to use. This can then be sold back to the supplier for a tariff, which is a win-win if the energy isn’t going to be used by your household.

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