Need Solar Power in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland?

August 1, 2014
Solar Panels on a Beige Roof — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

I’m sure you know that there are many benefits when switching to solar. Now is the perfect time to change to solar power to get most out of the sun. Not only is solar good for the environment but it will also be good for you and your wallet.

Here are 3 URGENT reasons why you should invest in solar power:

1. The Queensland Government are raising electricity prices as of 1st July 2014!

Energy efficiency is now more important than ever. Due to the cost of living in Queensland is slowly increasing, more and more residential and commercial premises are all looking at ways to money on power bills.

At Apollo Solar, we offer a range of service and packages at affordable prices, so that you do not face the full frontal of the rising electricity prices.

2. On average, hot water systems account for a quarter of a residential power bill.

Because hot water systems are accountable for a large portion of the power bill, it would be smart to try and reduce this statistic. Even by reducing this bill, it can reduce the total energy bill remarkably.

We can give you the opportunity to slash those expensive energy bills and help you save up to one third off of every energy bill.

3. A modern air-conditioner* costs about $1.80 per hour of running time.

In the Queensland weather, the modern air conditioner is an essential item it most residential homes. Especially in Queensland’s hot climate conditions, everyone would be using their air conditioner most of the day.

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Let’s say, a modern air-conditioner costs $1.80 per hour and is switched on for 12 hours of the day. If you do the math, the cost of running the air-conditioner per day would be fairly high. If you multiply by the amount of days you would use it, it would equal to a VERY LARGE energy bill.

Even during the winter months, it is assumed that you would use your air-conditioner as a heater. You could probably expect that this could drastically increase your energy costs as well.

* 24000BTU air-conditioner

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