Solar Hot Water Limited Time Offer: Get a Free Upgrade From a Rheem Australis to an Australis 10 Hot Water System

May 15, 2014

Free solar hot water upgrade – limited time offer

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Looking for an excellent deal on solar hot water in Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland? The team here at Apollo Solar are proud to announce a limited time offer on our Rheem solar hot water systems: purchase an Australis 2 and get a free upgrade to an Australis 10 solar hot water roof system. This will provide you with significant savings, especially when combined with current government incentives.

What is Australis, and what does it have to do with solar hot water?

The Australis Series is Rheem’s largest selling collector – they are constructed with the latest solar collecting technology for superior performance and quality. Designed to provide establishments with abundant hot water, the Australis collector is solidly constructed from high grade copper and aluminium. It is housed in a durable COLORBOND® steel tray.

The Australis 10 provides a 10-year warranty, as opposed to the standard 7.

Rheem – leaders in solar hot water

As we want to provide quality solar hot water to Brisbane, Townsville and the whole of Queensland, we made sure to partner with an iconic solar hot water specialist, Rheem. A Rheem stainless steel hot water system can significantly reduce fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Those using Rheem can also benefit from substantial savings on household hot water energy use of up to 73%.

Act now – before it’s too late

As well as helping the environment, hot water systems can provide significant savings on your energy bill. This free upgrade to a Rheem Australias 10 is only available until 27th of June, 2014. You can also combine it with current Queensland solar incentives for even more significant savings.

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