3 Things You May Not Know About Hot Water (and Why You Should Choose Solar)

September 8, 2014
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3 Things You May Not Know About Hot Water

Solar hot water systems in Brisbane are getting more and more popular as electricity bills rise. If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar hot water, here are three important facts about hot water usage you’ll want to know:

1. Electric heat pumps use 65% less power than a regular hot water system

The team at Apollo can install an electric heat pump to your home. Electric pumps are environmentally efficient and will significantly reduce your energy bill. They don’t require roof mounted solar panels and they don’t run on daylight, so you can use them day or night hassle-free. Heat pumps are also eligible to receive a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) and Federal and State Government Rebates.

2. 25% of the average electricity bill comes from water heating

With a quarter of your bill going towards hot water, you’ll want to do everything you can to reduce it. Installing solar hot water power is the solution, and the best part is that it costs less than a traditional hot water system. For more information on the solar products we use, please view the brochure here and contact us today about installing solar to your home or business.
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3. Water heating is the largest source of greenhouse gas from Australian homes

All of our products are extremely energy efficient, because we believe in helping our customers and the environment. Our hot water systems reduce energy use up to 73% which is great for our planet as well as your wallet. There are so many options out there for solar products and our experts are here to help you find the best and most effective tools to help you cut down on energy usage and electricity bills.

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We have a huge range of energy efficient solar solutions available. From solar hot water to heat pumps to pool pumps to energy monitors. So contact Apollo Solar today for a free quote, we’d love to hear from you.