Looking to Install Solar? The Sooner, the Better.

April 29, 2014

Solar Rebates Still Available: Make the Most of the 8-cent Feed in Tariff Before 30 June, 2014.

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Solar rebates still available: make the most of the 8-cent feed-in tariff before 30 June, 2014.

The Queensland Government has announced that it will change its current Solar Bonus Scheme by the end of 30 June, 2014. This means that anyone looking to install solar (Solar PV connections), as well as existing establishments that receive the 8-cent feed-in tariff prior to this date will no longer be able to benefit from the Scheme.

What is the solar 8-cent feed-in tariff?

The Queensland Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme helps eligible households and customers receive a “feed-in tariff”. As an eligible customer who is looking to have solar panels installed, you’ll be able to receive 8-cents per kilowatt-hour for any surplus energy your installed solar hot water system will produce. So not only will you generate cleaner energy through solar hot water, you’ll also be able to receive some cash back.

What will happen after the Solar Bonus Scheme?

Once the Solar Bonus Scheme ends, new and existing establishments receiving the 8-cent feed-in tariff will no longer receive cash back from the scheme. However, energy providers can still supply establishments with their own rebates to help serve the environment while still giving cash back.

Act now

There are only a couple of months left until the 8-cent feed tariff discontinues. If you’d like to benefit from the scheme and receive a quality solar in your home for the coming winter season, contact our solar professionals today to see how we can help. Now is a fantastic time to be rewarded for investing in cleaner energy. We also do solar hot water.