Tesla’s New Powerwall Battery – What Does It Mean for Users of Solar Power in Queensland?

May 8, 2015
Bunch of Power Batteries — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

Photo by Jelson25 (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk created a stir in the energy industry by unveiling their new home battery device called the Powerwall (or the Powerpack for the larger version). Storing electricity and power generated from solar power, the Powerwall is designed to power homes during evenings and other peak times, while also acting as a backup source during power outages.

Since its announcement, the Powerwall has created tremendous buzz and excitement thanks to its potential use for homes and businesses.

But will affect the solar power users in Brisbane anytime soon? The short answer is not yet – at least for now.

At this time, installing a Powerwall into the average home still isn’t economically sound for most people. Because of net metering (i.e. excess energy generated by solar panel systems being fed into the power grid) and other energy regulations, the Powerwall still doesn’t make much financial sense for the average consumer. Because of this, the Powerwall is still, in many ways, a luxury item.

Does that mean that you should you forget about the Powerwall altogether?

No, you shouldn’t. In fact, you should keep an eye out on it to see how things develop in the next few years.

There’s a reason why the Powerwall created a big stir when it was announced last week: it could change the way we use power in our homes and lead to fundamental changes in the energy sector. So even if it’s still a luxury at this time, it has the potential to be a mainstream product in the near future.

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What’s interesting is that the Tesla Powerwall isn’t entirely a new concept. There are similar devices in the market today, storing energy in batteries or serving as a backup power unit. But none have the sleek design, lower cost, and market influence of Tesla.

Sparking a Revolution?

To many, this may be the product that sparks a revolution in the energy sector, encouraging reforms in government regulations and significantly changing the way people use energy. This immense potential is what excites most people, while also worrying fossil fuel companies. If you use solar power in Brisbane or are considering having it installed in your home soon, then you should definitely keep an eye out on how this technology develops in the next several months.

So while it may not mean much to the average user today, it may just be the start of something new in the renewable energy industry.

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