Solarmine: As Seen on TV, Get Solar Installed for Free With Solar Leasing

November 17, 2014
Solar Installed for Free with solar Leasing — Solar Power Services in Brisbane, QLD

If you’ve watched TV lately, then you would’ve heard about Solarmine – a fantastic new solar leasing option now offered by Apollo Solar.

Through the power of Solarmine and solar finance, getting quality solar power in your home or business in Brisbane, Townsville or Queensland is now as affordable as ever. This is an opportunity that certainly can’t be missed.

Benefits of Solarmine Solar Leasing:

  • Buy your daytime power from us now at a lower price than your energy company is currently selling it to you, giving you positive cash flow from day one.
  • Your investment is fully maintained and serviced for 20 years at no cost to you!
  • Unmatched 20-year warranty on all products installed! This is unheard of in the solar industry and is the longest warranty that anyone will offer you.
  • Free Monitoring equipment will be installed on your investment, so you can monitor it from your computer or or smart phone and from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor your production levels).
  • Plus much, much more.

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