Queensland Electricity Prices Surge 151 Per Cent

July 25, 2016

Analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that the cost of turning on the lights has surged by 151 per cent during a decade.

That is half as much again as in Western Australia and 40 per cent faster than South Australia. Rates here jumped by another 3-4 per cent on July 1.

Exclusive new research by a leading energy economics consultancy found there were only two comparable nations where users paid more for power than the typical “standing offer’’ in Queensland which is paid by half of all Sunshine State consumers. The official electricity advocacy body said the situation was concerning, with power increasingly becoming a “significant expense for ordinary families”.

“We’ve got a market where the consumers are not seeing value,” Energy Consumers Australia CEO Rosemary Sinclair said.

She said the results of yet to be released surveys showed that customers had neither confidence in the market nor a sense of control over their power costs

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